• added /account/membership/ calls.
  • added /user/mfa/ calls.
  • New API version 2015-09-09 changes are reflected in this SDK version:
    • /withrawal/create is deprecated.
  • New API version 2015-08-15 changes are reflected in this SDK version:
    • /account/create now accepts both old and new style params.
  • removed deprecated call /user/resend_confirmation.
  • /account/create and /account/modify now accept country_options and fee_schedule_slot params
  • added restricted /credit_card/transfer call.


  • renamed user.resend_confirmation call to user.send_confirmation.


  • improved documentation.


  • Removed backward compatibility with official Python WePay SDK.
  • introduced WePayHTTPError, which is a base exception for both WePayClientError and WePayServerError
  • added cached_property decorator.
  • changed they way calls are initialized. This change doesn’t affect the way calls are made.


  • Fixed and improved error handling, new exceptions: WePayClientError and WePayServerError.


  • Connection timeout can be specified on per call basis.


  • Python 3 compatible
  • Calls are made using requests library by default (if installed), falls back to urllib if requests are not installed or if WePay is initialized with use_requests=False.
  • WePayConnectionError is raised in case there is a problem connecting to WePay server, ex. timeout.
  • Addition of a full test suit.
  • Minor:
    • ‘original_ip’ and ‘original_device’ params are now optional in /credit_card/create.
    • silent mode is more flexible.
    • Moved SubscriptionPlan and SubscriptionCharge to their own modules.
    • Moved WePayWarning over to wepay.exceptions module.


  • New API version 2014-01-08 changes are reflected in this SDK version:
    • implemented /user/register and user/resend_confirmation calls.
    • added /account/get_update_uri and /account/get_reserve_details
    • depricated /account/add_bank, /account/balance, /account/get_tax and /account/set_tax calls.
  • restructured SDK in such a way that all API objects are separate classes, so as an example, if we have a WePay instance api = WePay() and we want to make a /account/find call, it will look like this api.account.find() instead of api.account_find() (notice . instead of _), although in this version both are equivalent, latter one is depricated and will be removed in version 1.3. Despite these changes lookup calls will be the same, ex. api.account(12345).
  • Added flexibility to use different API version per call basis. So it is now possible to make a depricated call like this: api.account.balance(1234, api_version='2011-01-15')
  • added batch_reference_id keyword argument to each call that accepts batch_mode


  • Added required arguments to /credit_card/create call:
    • original_ip
    • original_device


  • Added subscription calls:
    • /subscription_plan
    • /subscription
    • /subscription_charge
  • Few bug and spelling fixes.


  • Initial release